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Name:Lt. Ferrell

[a BSG AU character, tabletop turned journal-based. Canon deviations after the destruction of the Armistice Station.]

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.35 seconds, 12 colonies, 2200nc, astrometrics, autopilot, basestars, battlestar galactica, battlestars, cag torment, callsigns, cannons, caprica, colonial fleet, cubits, cylons, dogfights, dradis, flight suit inspections, flying, fraking, frakking, ftl drives, full colors, hypergolic fuel, kinetic energy weapons, kobol, manual landings, mark vii, missiles, new caprica, nuggets, picon, pilots, point of origin, president roslin, rack time, raiders, raptors, reaction control systems, sublight engines, tactics, terrible novels, turbo-thrust engines, vipers
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